Thursday, 29 May 2008

Stranger in a strange land

This was on the fridge when we arrived home on Sunday evening:

We shall see... we shall see.

Stay tuned, dear friends!


unkle e said...

Old link removed from bookmarks bar - check!
New link to replace it - check!
Ready and eager for more - check!
Sad & happy at the same time - check!
Ready to live as a Texan - I have to draw the line somewhere!

Always know that somewhere, somehow, a Mad Dad is lurking! : )

mama said...

Just as Dave made the first comment on the "London Calling" blog I wanted to be the first non member to abuse this space but Dad beat me to it.Oh well ... second is good too ....

anita said...

i can't agree with your potted history profile thingy - it is so not true

i'm also sad and happy at the same time abt the phenomena of u in texas - overall happy of course....

Kathryn said...

hello everyone :)
all the usual suspects I see!

Anita, it's not a negative comment... I've added an explanation ;)