Sunday, 1 June 2008


Pippin came home with us in a little lunchbox, like a chicken dinner... no chips though. He was initially a little nervous in his cage but started settling in pretty quickly; now he seems very happy. He likes getting right inside the seed box and scratching, so that seed sprays everywhere around the room, and he likes his ladder, and turning inside-out somersaults (see below).

He also likes sleeping.

No one has heard of 'budgies' in the US... they're called 'parakeets' here. Pippin is, however, most definitely a budgie, and is very sweet and funny. The little twists he does at the very end of the clip here are amongst the funniest moves in his repertoire at present.


Trippy said...

I've heard of "budgies"... maybe just no one in Texas has :P

Dave said...

What, Kathryn exaggerating for effect? The devil you say!

mama said...

There is something bizarre about being able to hear your Texan budgie cheeping in our Kareela study.

anita said...

wow - the sounds he makes bring back my childhood...lovely blue colour