Saturday, 27 February 2010

Another tree in winter

It continued cold here this past week - we even had snow flurries last Monday night - but I think we're on the other side of winter now. I'm both glad, and sorry - it's lovely to see the flowers blooming, and to plan for spring gardens, but the summers are so hot and seem to last for ever!

Monday, 1 February 2010

The tree in winter

A couple of years ago, I was walking through Brick Lane on market day (Sunday) with Johanna, when we went into an art gallery. They had three beautiful tree artworks - winter, spring and summer (autumn had already been sold).

You may already know that I am somewhat partial to tree designs, and the winter one just captivated me... I wasn't going to buy it, as it was more expensive than I would normally consider, and I knew I'd be moving to America and didn't know where I'd ever display it, but Johanna talked me into it.

So I had it in my room in Clapton for a few months, and then it was packaged up and sent to America in a big shipping crate,

and now it hangs on the lounge room wall, to the left of the mirror :)