Sunday, 29 June 2008

Come, walk with me

A few more shots of the Japanese Garden in the centre of Houston, where we were married last week.

In this last shot you can see, through the trees, the little building where we had the ceremony.

Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The River Caves

Mum and Dad arrived in Texas on Saturday evening, and we were all up bright and early on Sunday morning to drive to San Antonio, a journey of almost three hours. It was Dave's only day off work and we wanted to use that day as best we could (as well as working WITH the jet lag rather than against it!)

San Antonio is famous for two things: the Alamo, and the River Walk, and we saw them both... Mum and Dad were just enchanted with the latter, Dad saying a number of times that it reminded him of the River Caves, a ride he'd been on in Sydney's Luna Park as a child. Despite the heat, we had a wonderful day.

Remember the Alamo!!

Sunday, 1 June 2008


Pippin came home with us in a little lunchbox, like a chicken dinner... no chips though. He was initially a little nervous in his cage but started settling in pretty quickly; now he seems very happy. He likes getting right inside the seed box and scratching, so that seed sprays everywhere around the room, and he likes his ladder, and turning inside-out somersaults (see below).

He also likes sleeping.

No one has heard of 'budgies' in the US... they're called 'parakeets' here. Pippin is, however, most definitely a budgie, and is very sweet and funny. The little twists he does at the very end of the clip here are amongst the funniest moves in his repertoire at present.